The tax firm “Gussmann, Nordostpark 102a, 90411 Nuremberg” represents me in the matter

– Initial tax advice / preparation of my commissioned income tax return –

In the aforementioned matter, I release the employees of the aforementioned law firm, in particular the commissioned lawyer and adviser from the legal secrecy, in the case of joint commissioning each other, as well as against:

a) the company ,,GDF GmbH, Weintraubengasse 2, 90403 Nuremberg”, represented by their managing director,

b) the employees of GDF GmbH,

c) law firms and tax consultants, acting on behalf of the o.g. Law firm or in sub-power to act in the above-mentioned matter, as well as

d) the assistants engaged by the aforementioned persons to perform the respective tasks in the above case.

I am truly aware that a transfer of the personal data and documents takes place.

Furthermore, I am aware that GDF GmbH receives information from individual client relationships within the collaboration, which is subject to the legal secrecy.

GDF GmbH undertakes to comply with the duty of secrecy in accordance with the commissioned law firm.

In addition to this and, if applicable, GDF GmbH undertakes to instruct all employees and assistants who have access to relevant information in the same manner and to obtain their respective written disclosure agreement.

GDF GmbH must submit the corresponding declarations to the law firm or the customer without delay in writing.

GDF GmbH has to take appropriate measures to ensure that the group of persons entitled to access and thus to be bound is kept as small as possible and that the information is protected against unauthorized access.

I can revoke or limit this declaration at any time.

I am aware that in this case may result in restrictions on the execution of the mandate and all correspondence processing of the parties must then be handled exclusively on me so far.